About Us

Regaining Functionality & Mobility

What is your Idea of Self Care is it Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki or other forms of Bodywork?

Reformation Massage & Bodywork is not your typical Spa. We are a Advanced Therapeutic & Rehabilitation Practice. Our Therapist  integrate a wide range of techniques including Stretching, PT as well as other specialties  into every customized session. Our office is client focused and each treatment is performed specific to the client needs & goals for their wellbeing.

What To Expect From Your Session

Our Therapist Customize each Session to your specific needs. There is always a brief consultation session where the therapist will ask specific questions and assess your current needs taking into account your current pain level as well as levels of disfunction & past rehabilitation or therapies. We will then advise you on the recommended treatment for the session and leave the room while you get comfortable for the session. Our  goal for each session is forward progression for our clients to become pain free. After each session the therapist will recommend a treatment plan which includes recommendations for frequency as well as specific treatments for each session.

We believe there is no Cookie Cutter Massage & No two Treatments will ever be the same. Our Bodies are changing constantly and our Treatments should change as well