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It's Been a while since our last post. Let's Catch up!

OMG what a year 2022 was for Reformation Massage & Bodywork! From our office flooding to being pretty sick from COVID to loss of staffing. Whew!!! I didn't think I would pull it off! So, we are in now in Month 3 of 2023 Can you believe it!!! And we are bringing back our Blogs. I have had so many clients with issues and questions they just didn't feel comfortable asking doctors about that they have asked me for insight on, and of course I have had to use massage and other holistic remedies myself in my own personal health issues this year.

I wanted to start off with reintroducing myself and the mission of Reformation Massage & Bodywork. When I opened my doors in June of 2020 we were very much still in the confused phase of the pandemic when we all were suffering with cabin fever, we had to take on the role as teachers, the lunch lady & counselors. We were all stressed to the max and I for one was sinking into a deep depression. I really needed to get back to work. Unfortunately for me my health took a nosedive, and I suffered a mild heart attack and when the reopen started my former job wasn't so understanding about my health or my daycare for my daughter who was still being homeschooled. I, of course, choose my health & my daughter and began looking for office space to open my own practice. My mission has been the same since the beginning of my career to assist clients in regaining the functionality & mobility that has been lost due to injury or illness and maintaining a healthier life holistically.

My approach to "Massage Therapy" is very different I have often heard from my clients "Go as deep as you can, you can't hurt me" or "I know it will hurt but no pain no gain right??? " ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! With chronic pain you are already in pain why would you want to intentionally inflict more pain??? I must admit some of the things I do will hurt but not because I am intentionally jabbing my elbow into your muscles but that's because in order to get to the source of pain I have to get through several layers of muscle and tissue. My methods are slow and intentional. (Slow & Steady Wins the Race) I will actively move your body into positions that will allow me to access the muscles and use the best techniques to reduce muscle strain & tension resulting in the reduction of pain gradually giving clients the results & relief they are looking for over time. There is no "Quick Fix" for a problem that has been building over time. Typically my clients feel relief after our sessions and gradually with continued treatments for chronic pain see a noticeable difference in level of pain in daily activities.

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