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Reformation Moments

Ashia Walker CMT

Hello Everyone I want to start this blog off by introducing myself. I have been a Therapist for 11 years.I am the Mother of 8 Beautiful children and 9 silly and feisty grand babies. I defiantly didn't intend on having such a large family but was greatly blessed with 5 children of my own and 3 step children ( who if they EVER heard me say step they would kill me!!!! HAHA) I stumbled into the Massage Field completely by accident thanks to my oldest son who actually put the wheels in motion, they say your children can change your life and it is definitely the change I needed at the moment and I am passionate about it. We toured several Massage Schools before he and I where completely impressed by the curriculum and staff at NMTI of Falls Church and although he was unable to attend at that time I jumped at the opportunity to change career paths. Over the years I have learned how beneficial massage is for so many illness and dysfunction and I have meet so many incredible people in my line of work.

I have worked with Athletes, Cancer patients, Amputees & people in hospice. My biggest accomplishment as a MT (actually there are two) is personal My son Charles was a severe Asthmatic & we lived pretty much in the hospital one of my Mentors taught me how to do Lung Massage and release the diaphragm as well as the ribs to make space for my son to breathe better. Unfortunately my son passed away at the age of 18 from a server asthma attack however the doctors believe that Charles would have died sooner had it not been for Massage. My Second Heart warming moment was Corbin who on his death bed this past spring asked for his first and only Massage of his life. I had the honor of doing this for him before he passed two days later. Massage to me is all about Health and Wellness no matter what that means for you be it your Mental Health, Physical Health or Emotional Health. This Blog is a platform for you to see how the world of massage is constantly changing and how it can help you on your chosen path of health and wellness.

I will be posting Pictures, Giving Advices and having Guest Speakers in their Chosen field of Fitness, Health & Holistic Healing. If you have question for me please feel free to comment on the blog and I will do my best to answer them or direct you to the right resources who can help.

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Yolanda Coleman Brown
Yolanda Coleman Brown
Oct 23, 2020

Ashia I am so proud of your growth and passion in this field of care and love! Continue to do what has been placed in and on your heart ❤️! To see you go from your living room was your massage room put together with your personality and welcome to all who are looking for a place of sincerity! Congratulations on your office space of tranquility!

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