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The Parasite Within

Babies are wonderful they tell us, When are you going to have a baby? They ask us. And than all of a sudden we do just that and Whoooooooooooa Pregnancy can really reek havoc on the body. No one told us about the tiny feet that morph out of our already bulging tummy or how bout when you sneeze you pee! Can you imagine being a Massage Therapist pregnant!!! My belly was so big when I was massaging a clients back she was massaging their head with her morphing feet!! I waddled every where my back hurt & morning sickness is the absolute worst ever with my daughter I literally could not get out of bed without eating a dry bowl of dry cheerios cereal. Oh but I digress (crazy flashback) Luckily with my youngest I knew the benefits of massage and was able to get massage quite often. When I was pregnant with my older children I had no idea of the benefits of prenatal Massage.

There are tons of benefits to receiving a pregnancy massage. As massage therapy has been used for centuries to improve overall health in individuals, reducing stress and reliving strain on muscles, pregnant women can greatly benefits from massage therapy. Fortunately there are certain types of pregnancy massage that are designed to fit the comfort of someone in any stage of their pregnancy. Some research regarding pregnancy massage indicates that prenatal massage techniques are benefits in contributing toward an overall healthier pregnancyand should be given consideration by anyone that is pregnant.  Pregnancy massage, if done correctly by a trained massage therapist, can be a great benefit to a woman's health during pregnancy. Fortunately pregnancy massage can be safe during any point in the pregnancy. However it is important to take the proper precautions when getting a pregnancy massage to ensure it is safe for you and the baby.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

According to many studies that cover the benefits of pregnancy massage, the pregnancy massage is a great way to regulate hormone levels that are conducive to the growth of the fetus. It is also beneficial to regulate these hormones to help with stress management and relaxation. The pregnancy massage can help with mood regulation, improved cardiovascular health and can lead to less complications during birth and lower instances of newborn complications. The stress hormones that can cause depression during pregnancy are also lowered to help manage depression during  pregnancy and after the baby is born. The changes in the hormones can lead to a stronger maternal and baby bond and increased health benefits after birth. 

Many women experience swelling of the joints during pregnancy. Fortunately pregnancy massage can help with the circulation of the blood to prevent the swelling around these joints. It can also help improve the body's lymph system. Nerve pain like sciatic nerve pain is experienced by women later in pregnancy, and involves problems when the uterus rests on the pelvic floor muscles and lower back. Fortunately pregnancy massage can help with this and can help reduce the pressure on the nerve endings. Many women experience a reduction in nerve pain during pregnancy that have regular pregnancy massages. Other benefits of pregnancy massage include improved circulation, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, reduced edema, reduced joint pain and more. 

As with anything else during pregnancy you should always consult you doctor to make sure massage isn't contraindicated. Make sure your therapist is trained in Prenatal Massage & always communicate any changes with your therapist we always want to make sure we are doing what is best for you and baby

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